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Add addittional "files" icons to app.

We would like to attach several files during the different stages of the project.


1-  Color charts + date + pdf

2-  Shop drawings + date + pdf

3-  Service + date + pdf

4- Closure + date + pdf

Unfortunately the "files" icon is added automatically and not able to be replicated.

Any ideas?


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We could certainly use this feature to have specific file upload prompts on webforms.  Just one generic one at the bottom doesn't meet every need.

  • For our online job application app webform, we'd like to do a file upload prompt for cover letter and a second one for resume and make them required fields.
  • For our support request webform, we need to be able to have two or three specific upload needs that appear throughout the form and until we can do that (plus multi-pages), we are unable to move this from our old platform.

If we can have a separate image file upload field, why not a regular file upload field that we can name and control?

Bethany Anderson 2 votes

Exactly. I Podio let us to upload 200 files per form however it does not allow us to properly organize them.
We want to have all pertinent files for each step of the project attached in only onw place.
Podio should give us this possibility as soon as possible.

Anderson Pisaniello 2 votes

Being able to attach 200 files is cool but not all in the same place.

I like the possibility to add pictures wherever I need however we also need the option to add an attachment wherever we need.

I hope Podio listens to it because it is a very basic request that should be already implemented.

Thank you.

Anderson 0 votes

I can't expect my users to dig 200 files to find what they need.

If the purpose of PODIO is to help users to organize work, well, they should implement something like yesterday!

Anderson 1 vote