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Email to App: Assigning podio users to item

We are working with different freelancers on different projects.Because of privacy we do not want everyone to see all the items.

With email to app we have created an app in which the freelancers can create a new project with an email, but as for further updates we would love the freelancer to gain access right away (to share the item a freelancer created with him/her automatically). Currently we have to share the items manually by hand which takes quite a long time.

For example in the App-Item, we've got the Member-Field (with "Workspace Members - Share with others through mail..." enabled) and match the sender of an email-to-app-Mail to this contact field. In the moment the freelancer now would send the mail the app would take the senders mail but him/her to the member field and share the item with him/her.

Thanks for getting back to us.


Admin DCA

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We had a similiar problem and we hope that Citrix will develop soon something to resolve the question.

For now we are setting up a workspace for every freelance where we can grant full access (one area for one freelance). Than we are using a collector app with all elements, using Globiflow for creating item and updating. 


Alessandro Giuliani 1 vote
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Thank you for the tipp, Alessandro! We have to think about that ;) With sometimes over 45 freelancers that would be quite a lot of workspaces..

Admin DCA 0 votes
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