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Return data field based on relationship field choice

We have a contributors app and a Premium app.

In premium I have a relationship field to reference the contributors app

I want to be able to pull data from contributors entry based on which contributor is selected in the relationship field

I know this can be done with the reference card but this is limited to 4 fields and they dont show up in the list view or reports

Is there a way to do this?


Stephen Greco

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ie Contributors has name, member id, availability, price, link, assigned curator

In Premium

I want to select the contributor

based on that selection in a calculation field, fill it in using the data pulled from a specific field in the contributor entry

Assigned curator for example

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Hi Stephen,

you can pull dat from all fields except the contributors app by using
@all of field name, e.g @All of Assigned Curator.toString()
But some field types must be handled different than others. It's also important to know that you can't pull data (directly) from a relationship field in the related app, e.g. if Assigned Curator is a relationship field which points to a third app you need a workaround to get the name. 

I think the best way for you is to start with reading this help article
At the end of the article you find a link to a PDF with examples. 

If you then have any questions how to do the calculation for your use case don't hestitate to post it here. 


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