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Podio Hook

The hook was created and verified in podio month ago. Recently when checked it had turn to inactive without any changes done.the hook is on item.update action. So when the user update any record in podio app, the hook gets triggered which pointed to the server. The information on the server database gets updated.Is there any limit set for the number of times the api call is made? Secondly are there any logs getting registered on the hook not getting triggered?

I have tried the same hook getting verified again and making it active in podio. But is there any way to make ti sure the same problem wont occur again or one gets notified when hook suddenly stops working.




Smita Hazare

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Hello Smita,


Thanks for writing to us. The limit depends on what is set for your specific account.

For further support, I would suggest opening a Podio Support ticket.

For API related questions, you can search in this developers forum for help and inspiration from other users that might have done the same operation already:





Allan Valverde 0 votes
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