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Date Calculations


Ryan Goodale

Feb 21, 17:27 EST


I am attempting to do some date calculations and am having an issue with the outputs.

I have two columns - "quote Submitted" and "AP Required"

The first column will not have a date entry until we have actually prepared a quote for a customer. The second column is where I would like a calculation to take place - which would be 7 days from the date the quote is submitted.

I can get the calculation to work, and for the date in the second column to show up in the calendar - my issue is that for every other customer that does not yet have a quote submitted date, the AP required date is showing Jan 31, 1969. I would only like a date to show in the second column if the user has input a date in the first column. I've attached screen shots of what I'm talking about.

Is what I am asking possible?

Thanks for your time.


Ryan Goodale

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