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The option of access rights differentiation

Dear all, 

At the moment Podio has member role “Guest” which allows access to selected items and tasks they have been invited to through “Shared with you” window. 
Could you kindly inform us when the option of access rights differentiation would be available on app/items level of the workspaces. 
So that it would be possible for the users in a workspace to see the items of the apps that are available to them in a table layout. 

I am aware about the workspace roles in Podio and members’ access.
Our company would like to know when Podio will provide an option of access rights differentiation on app/items level of the workspaces.
Are there any plans to improve the option above in Podio?
We face a necessity to provide access to a workspace for a user so that they could see only the items that they were given permission to view.
The “Shared with you” does not have an option of viewing the items in a table layout, in fact no layouts can be set.
In case numerous items are shared with a user it is difficult for her to find a selected item and work effectively with it.

Thank you in advance. 

Looking forward to your response.

Ekaterina Dakalova

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