Modifying field name



  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Eduardo,

    don't worry, changing a field name (label) doesn't have any influence on the calculations. It's only a "label" what you see in the blue token, the connection to the field is held by a field ID. If you know the field ID you can give the blue token any label you want (it can be a completely different from the field label, the syntax is: @[whatever label](field_123456789) - where 123456789 must be the real field ID).

    The field ID you find in the section Developers (in the app view click the wrench, under Modify template you see several other sections, one is Developer). You also can see the field ID if you enter a character directly behind an already blue token, e.g. @StatusX, where Status is the field name (blue). In the preview you get an error notification which shows the field ID.   


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  • George Chehade

    It doesn't matter if you change the name of a field. The calcularions still work even though the names doesn't update


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  • Eduardo Bucio

    Thanks, Rainer and George!

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