Light users can't mention guests on comments



  • Sean Miller

    Hi Joan,

    This is by design. Only the user that shared the item with the guest user will be able to @mention the guest user. 

    Sean / Podio

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  • podio

    I'm in the same point as Joan, some users can't send a mention to a guest user. I understand that is a limitation by design.

    But I told that users to share the items with the guest user and they do not see the guest user neither in the share option. So they cannot share with the guest user.

    Is there a solution to common user to send mentions to guest user? Or at least to share the item with that user and be able to send them mentions?

    I find that some users are basic users and standard users and can @mention to the guest user, but others with same level can't do it. I can't see a relation between the ones who can mention guest user and the ones who can't. I even tried the ones who can't mention to add guest user to their Podio Connections as it is explained here: but they can't see neither the guest user in that menu, so they can't add the guest user in Podio connections.

    why some users can mention guest user as @guest_user and the others can't? 

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