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Inventory Management



I have an app with Materials that I need to keep track of when I receive, or when I remove from stock. 

Right now, when I receive an item, I have to manually update "Units in stock" in Materials App, as well as "Materials: Units received" in Purchased goods app. 

Here is how it look:



I tried creating a new field  called " Updated Inventory" in Materials App that pulls the number from Purchased Goods App and adds "units in stock", but every time I create a new item in "Purchased goods", and relate that Material, the "Updated Inventory" does not hold the previous number.

Basically, I need a code to sum up all of purchased units + units I have in stock, and down the road, I also would like it to calculate correctly when I remove from stock. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated



Toka Abdi

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