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no answer from my calls and no response to our support ticket

I have been checking this community page and seeing the same sentiments as to what we need to pay and upgrade 

since the free service will no longer exist. We want to ask questions before proceeding and no one is responding both calls and email. 

I do understand that your company is BIG so why not able to cater our concerns? not answering calls. Also the IVR system sucks, it keeps saying 

that no one is available to take our call and engage in another call like there should be atleast a music playing while on hold or on queue. So can someone answer us? 

Jason Paningbatan

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Hi Jason,

I do apologize for any inconveniences you may have recently encountered. Would you mind providing me with your ticket number and I'll ensure that your Podio support request is resolved today. 

//Brenton - Podio

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