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Need a LABEL field in the webform

Like we have text field, category field, date field, email field, etc. we need a LABEL field in the web form where I can specify static text and also hyperlink the text to point to a URL. For eg., I need to display the T&C text like "Company will use the data as per its privacy policy" and the privacy policy is a hyperlink.

Today, there is no way I can display this text at the end of the web form before the submit button. Hence requesting to have a label field.

Manish Kumar Jain

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This would be so helpful for long &/or complex forms where we want to "section" them since we cannot have multi-page forms.  For example, we are working through the idea of making a job application app where folks would apply for our jobs.  We'd need sections for personal information, job history, screening questions, upload resume, and so forth.  Being able to put labels throughout the form would really help make this very user friendly.

This would also be helpful even for regular forms our staff are filling out on the back-end.  We have several apps that have a "Stop and save here" field but what they see is a field name on a text box, where just having something stand out more would be so much better.

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