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Timesheet calculations

New to Podio and setting it up for project management.  Figured I'd tackle the Time Clock first as it would be the hardest part. 

I have a Time Clock app with these fields

User (contact)
Time In (date with time)
Time Out (date with time)
Status (calculation): @Time Out !=null ? "Clocked Out" : "Clocked In";
Hours Worked (calculation): moment(@Time Out).diff(moment(@Time In),'hours',true);
WeekNum (calculation): moment(@Time In).isoWeek();
Year (calculation): moment(@Time In).format('YYYY');
Relationship: links to itself (Time Clock app) all fields - from my understanding this is required for All of or Sum of

As the user clocks out each day (i.e., not in a report), I want them to see a running total of hours worked that week. 

Basically the function would be: For User and WeekNum in Year, return total Hours Worked.  Seems simple enough and I've tried various things I've found on here but none have worked.  Later I want to show overtime and PTO also, but I can calculate those I think if I can get those hours for the week to work.

New to Podio as I said so may just not be going about it the right way.  I don't know Javascript either.


Jeff Clifton

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