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Can you create a view built from a category field from a referenced app?

Hi all. Like many, I have a projects app with another app for deliverables. Those two apps are connected through the Relationship items. What I am trying to do is create a view within my Deliverables app, that is based off the the category field set in the referenced Project app.  Is this possible through a native feature or by a workflow?  Looking for thoughts/ideas.

Joel Hall

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Hi all. So I actually had some time to think about this and came up with a decent workaround. Here's what I did in case anyone else has this use case...

Again, I wanted to create a filter in my Deliverables app based off of a selected category within a related Project (within my Projects app). I also have a Workflow in my Project app that auto creates new deliverables in my Deliverables app when the Project Phase category is changed/updated.  That said, I did the following...

  1. In my Deliverables app, I added a Category field and replicated the the options/phases exactly as the are in my Project app.
  2. In my Projects app, the workflows that had been created to auto generate new deliverables in my Deliverables app now give me the option to set the corresponding Project Phase category in the Deliverables app.
  3. I made sure those lined up in each of the workflows and all works great.

Now when I change the phase of my Project in my project App, the corresponding deliverables in my Deliverables app update the Project Phase there and I can report on it from that app as well.

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