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Dropdown selections in app reference fields

Hi Podio team,


I am sure this must be able to be done but I am just a numpty and can't work it out.

I have a communications app, in which my team can log interactions with customers.  I also have an organisations app (the customer organisations) and a contacts app (for the people within those.)  The contacts app has a reference to the organisation, so each contact is in essence "mapped" to an organisation there.


In my communications app, I have a reference to the organisation and the contact.  When I create a new communication I therefore specify the organisation from that reference.  But then when I go to specify the contact, it gives me EVERY POSSIBLE CONTACT in the entire database, not just the contacts from the organisation I have specified.  How can I get the app to consider previous selections when using these references, so in this case I would only see the contacts from the organisation already selected.




Ben Allen

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I'm afraid you can't do this. It's a massive flaw in Podio, no IF/OR logic :(

The only workaround I think that might work is to have the contact as the first field that's updated and then use globiflow to update the company name from contact name. 

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