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Need some guidance

I am an accountant I am shifting over to podio because it looks amazing with its custom built flexibility and its workflows!

I handle various items for my clients taxes, sales tax, monthly bookkeeping,  1099 Filing. 

I want to have all the info on the client including services etc... 

but I get stuck at how I should set up the rest


I want to be able to see all tasks for a client but they all re-occur some annually some quarterly and some monthly. 

what is the best way to do this? create a project for each client? 

or create an app for each type of task ie: monthly bookkeeping, taxes etc... 

I also collaborate with one employee on several of the clients. 

and I would love to append or have the monthly bookkeeping indicate what month it is like Monthly Bookkeeping - [Month] - this is because some months we are two open we are finishing up one month and starting the next. 

any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello Tiffany,

I see that you currently have a ticket open with my coworker Mohammed.


Please follow support with him, He will be happy to assist you.





Allan Valverde 0 votes

Hi Tiffany, I have a similar setup to you. I'm an accountant with one employee. I've trialed loads of project management apps and landed on Podio about four months ago after using others for a year or more.

The flexibility of Podio the strength and weakness of Podio. You can create any table of data you want and set recurring tasks to it. It works great for the different functions you have as an accountant.

I use one workspace called "Clients". I put the "functions" as Apps as you can see in the attachment here. Some notes:

- The Clients app is the contact list with all the clients.

- The other apps like bookkeeping use a relational field to link them back to the Clients app.

- So for example, in Bookkeeping, I have each client's monthly work as an item, then tasks under each item with recurring reminders (categorize transactions, reconcile, reports, etc.).

- I think the other apps are self-explanatory, but the Projects app I use for ad-hoc client requests.

There's not a "pretty" way to view tasks by date by client...  you can using the tasks tab, which is what I've found best.

I've created other workspaces for clients when there are a lot of tasks for that one client, but I like having pretty most items in one workspace so I don't have to toggle back and forth.

I would recommend downloading the Better Super Menu for Chrome as well.

Hope this helps!



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