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Globiflow meeting reminders for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Monday?

Hello podio community,

My company has a weekly meeting for which a globiflow reminder is sent for. However every third Monday of the month the location changes. Currently we have two flows/reminders for the meeting set-up and we turn off one and turn on the other for the third Monday meeting of every month. This is obviously subject to human error (forgetting to change the reminder) and thus confusion on where the meeting is located if the wrong flow is sent. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck setting up a email reminder for meetings/etc. that goes out "every third Monday" or something similar to that. The other reminder would have to be set for every first, second, fourth, and fifth Monday of the month or every Monday excluding the third Monday if possible. 

Thanks for any help you can provide! 


Stephanie Jarvis

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I did indeed reach out to GF support and this was the reply:
"Thanks for reaching out to GlobiFlow. Correct, you only have the option to select a specific day, weekday, or day of the month when using date filters. However, you may have the option to apply this filter using a custom calc filter combined with the php date function. I would suggest reaching out in the GlobiFlow community workspace to see if another GlobiFlow member has achieved this. I'm not aware of any simple solutions as of now that would send out the reminder after every third Monday of the month. Another option would be to create a flow that sends a reminder whenever the specific location field is updated if the location field is only updated on the third Monday of every month. Please let me know how it goes."

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