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Calculation not showing the correct value

This is an ongoing issue for the past several months now. We have an app which deals with customer orders and within the app we calculate the sale net, VAT and gross. These three fields have been problematic and are continuously showing the incorrect figure. I have been in contact with Podio Support privately who first told me the problem was due to a bug with calculations that involved money fields (which has since been fixed),but said there was nothing wrong with the layout or number of levels of the calculation.

I have now been asked to post here due to them stating that the problem must be with the calculation formulas used (even though they are basically just addition and subtract sums. The only other function used is Math.round() but this was added after having problems and has actually helped reduce the number of issues).

Any one else had similar issues? Have a solution? At the current moment when this problem appears (which is almost on a daily basis) we have to modify the template, and add +0 to the calculation to get it to re-calculate. This should not be necessary. The system should be robust to cope with multiple levels of formulas and should be able to correct display the right figures without doubt.

Jemma Tansley

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I see calc fields get hung up occasionally this happens at times when the system has a spike on the "Background tasks: data export, import and calculations" chart on the page. 

Obviously, the more complex the calculations the more likely they will fail or I suspect more specifically timeout waiting to run. 

In these case, you either are left with an old result or in cases where there was no data there before a blank field. There also is no way to know this has happened other than the wrong result. 

Since calculation fields only trigger or are updated with something changes related to them past a timeout nothing will recover the problem except making a change that would update the Calculation and or making a tiny meaningless modification to the calculation formula. 

I have actually thought about suggesting a way to trigger a re-calculation of all fields in a single record (which would be lower impact than editing the formula and causing all the items in an app to attempt to update). 

Not sure this helps you other than to acknowledge it is not just you. 


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