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how do you share apps with people outside your organization?


I'm trying to share an app like shown here:

The idea is to share items with people outside my company, and for confidentiality reasons they should only see items related to them.

There is something that I'm not doing right, because the person whom the item is shared with cannot see the workspace (he is not invited) and so cannot see the app.

Another option I thought about is to open a workspace just for this app to be shared, but the problem is that in that case all 3rd party workers would see all the info.

Thank you,

Angel Baena

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Hello Angel.

Most of the times the member must be part of the workspace in order to have access to that content. But you can also create a clone of the app in another workspace and use Podio Advanced Flows (or Globiflow) to synchronize the 2 apps or have this app only in one separate workspace where all users who need it have access.



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