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Cancelled billing, instantly kicked of plus plan

Hi there,

Writing this with some frustration, as the service rep. im dealing with are clearly not trying to solve my problem. The post is clearly not a question, but I would really like to hear back from a Podio-employee who might be able to help.

2 months ago I subscribed to Podio Plus as to figure out if I should use Podio for my business. A month in, I had been pretty busy and hadn't had time to properly test the features, and my subscription was automatically renewed (fair enough). A week later I cancelled the subscription in the belief that I at least would get access to the Plus plan in the period that I have paid for (a month).

But when the subscription was cancelled, I was installed kicked of the plus plan to the free version immediately. Customer service will not refund, nor will they give me access for the period that I have actually paid for.

Now, the amount (14$) is minuscule, but it isn't about the money. If I cannot rely on Podio at least trying to act like they care about me as a potential customer, how can I trust them when I really need their help? 

As a secondary note, I asked the service-rep for a trial of Globiflow (I had filled out this form, but never heard back: and in a conversation that spans 7 emails he haven't answered this request, so it would be really nice to know if it is possible, or if the form is just for fun :/ 

Simon Saxtorph

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Hi Simon,

I do apologize for any inconveniences you may have encountered. I've contacted the Podio support team member that's assisting you with your support request and you'll receive an update shortly regarding your GlobiFlow/billing request. Please let me know how it goes and once the issue has been resolved.

//Brenton - Podio

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