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Problem with Comments - Time and Date

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie and have a question. I would like to find the best App to communicate among my team for a particular type of project. I guess there is already an App good for this.

This is what I need. It would be very very helpful to have next to each comment time and data when each single one was done. I can't seem to find a way to show that, it always shows the date and time of only the last one done.

I am using the Project App and I needed to create the following which I did and I am quite happy with:
We have many products that need to be re-ordered and needed to follow what their status is at any moment in an easy way from both a calendar or a list of products. I don't need to have a sheet for each product we have but just a "task" for every product we have not on stock so that we can follow their order/shipping status with a possible delivery date and final check upon arrival at the warehouse. It is important that the product status is visible even after a while that it arrived so that if someone is on holiday on that week can check it even if the "task" is done.

I hope my question makes sense and this is the proper channel to ask this kind of question.

Thank you all


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