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Recording Activity to organization and contacts - best practice

I'm doing my initial setup of Podio and have been doing some looking around regarding best practice. I saw a video on YouTube explaining that it's a good idea to create a central app for all contacts. So for example, you have one app that contains all contacts and their basic information such as phone number, mailing address, email, etc. Then if they are a certain type of contact that requires further "profiling" that should be done in a different app. So for example if we to use a real estate agent as an example they would have a "Contacts" app where all contacts reside, a "Buyers" app that would have a relationship field referencing the contact and then additional fields further defining the buyer profile, and a "Sellers" app doing the same thing as the Buyers app but for people selling their homes. 

The above makes sense to me but was curious what the rest of the communities thoughts were. I also had some additional questions regarding this:

1) As communication and events are logged to a certain record is there a way to record the communication and events to the related records at the same time? Another example regarding this is if a contact is associated with an app named "Companies" and I wanted to log all activity to not only the contact but the associated company they are linked to as well.

2) While the idea in the intro paragraph makes sense initially I keep tripping over an issue as I think through the workflow. To keep it simple, I picture my flow going Contact > Contact Related Profile (for example "sellers") > Deals. When we get to deals I stumble on how to "title" the deal. Should my "sellers" app simply be used for reference when marketing and when an oppurtunity/deal presents itself just use the Contact as the primary key in the Deals app? What would you consider best practice here? 

To help paint a better pictures, in my business assume that the "sellers" I'm referencing above will be a repeat "seller" over and over. Could even be considered a lead source. If I was a realtor my "sellers" could almost serve as a leads module for everyone selling their house but that's not my case and instead will be dealing with ongoing deals with sellers. The idea of the "sellers" app would be to avoid a very long list of fields in the contact record to "profile" the contact who may be not only a seller but also a buyer and other things. 

Zach Robbins

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