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Personal Time Off Requests


I'm creating an app where employees can request personal time off, however I would like each individual employee's request to be private.  Is there a way to create this in one app?  I can see where there's an option for "Team Views" and "Private Views" within an app, but I can't figure out if other employees can view requests.

Thank you!

Lauren Ivey

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I dont think this exists, you could receive requests by webform and then the manager would be able to share the individual requests with the user who requested it. 

Not ideal

David Arthur 0 votes

I've been trying to figure out the best way to do this too. It might be possible using an advanced workflow that takes the input from a private app for managers only (submitted by employees via webform) and duplicates the info upon approval in a different public app for all employees.

As David suggested, the "share" feature is also an option, but only if you have just a handful of employees. In our company we'd have to select 40-50 people individually, and that's just not feasible. So that's where a dual app situation using an advanced workflow could come in handy. I'm not currently on a plan that supports advanced workflows, so I can't say for sure the dual app solution would work. Hopefully someone else can chime in with confirmation. The other benefit is that all the manager ideally has to do is change the status to "approved." With the sharing option, they have to approve and then remember to share it with all necessary people, too.

Having contact groups would make sharing with lots of people a breeze, but I don't see that happening given the current state of feature development for the platform, nor would I expect any kind of additional privacy controls, given Podio's strong opposition to customers requesting this for many years.

Report back if you get something working well! 


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