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It is possible to export the podio 'email to item' address when exporting app content?

I'd like to be able to export the items in an app to a csv file, but also the email address used to email a comment to that item.


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Hello Tes,


You can move all content from the apps but all comments, files, tasks etc. can only be transferred via the API. You need to ask a developer on how much this will take - here's the documentation needed:

2) You can clone the current apps you have in the organization and add them to the new organization you create, this will not include comments, task, or past history of the app/items. For more information on cloning an app, please follow the link below. 

[Cloning an app]( 

3) You can export all of your data to an excel sheet and then import them accordingly to the new apps you create in the organization. For more information on exporting and importing, please follow the links below. 

[Exporting to Excel]( 
[Importing from Excel]( 

I hope this helps! 


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