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Calculations fields are taking so much time to appear

I have a problem . calculation fields are taking so much time to appear. i have to wait around 10 - 15 mins to appear. i don't know why ! and when im trying to edit calculation the preview result is correct but in item itself its not showing still ( ـــ ) can anyone help me ?

kareem ahmed asfour

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Hi Kareem,

Please contact support with more details on the specific app or user account where you see the slowness and we can help fix this. Usually you should see average of a few seconds delay (status available here: - in case you see more than mentioned on the Status Page, please contact support in a private support ticket.

We would for example, like to see the app ID where this takes 15 min to appear.

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen
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it's really problematic. it must come from the slowness of the server.

Hamid 0 votes
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