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IF sum of X out of Y number fields = Z, THEN update category

Hi guys,

I would appreciate anyone's help with the following scenario:

We have a form with 17 questions set up as category fields with options  A, B, C, and D.

We need to score each answer according to the following formula A=3, B=2, C=1, and D=0. For this, we have set up Podio workflows that update a number field for each Question depending on the answer.

Our Final Rating algorithm requests that, IF 3 or more questions have a score of 1, THEN a category field needs to be updated.

Any ideas on how to accomplish that, other than creating 120 workflows for every possible combination of 3 answers?



Hope this makes sense.

Many thanks!

Serban Dinu

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Hello Serban,

Thanks for reaching Podio Support.

The best way to go from here is to open a support Podio ticket so we can assist you further.


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