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Calculate a running total

I have created an app to track income and expenses for a small business and want to have a calculation field that will keep a running total for me. I have never done any JavaScript. I am entering income as positive numbers and expenses as negative numbers. Would it be better to have income and expenses as separate fields for calculation purposes? How may I reference the last-shown running balance and include the current transaction to create a new running balance?

Thank you!

Catherine Wiberg

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I'm not an expert, but I have enough clear what you want to do, long ago I had created a management system for accounting for non-profit assaults. In my opinion you should create an APP A Budget (within which you then summarize the data of APP B and C, APP B - Budget Chapters and APP C Expenses on Chapters. With a structure of this type you can monitor exactly year by year the entries and exits through the summaries you will have on APP A and B. You will need to use some JS code but here you will find a lot of support.

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