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webform embed not working on wordpress site

There are unfortunately numerous glitches with Podio. Embedding a webform with podio's code into my wordpress site does not work. My website is The two domains I inputted were "" and "" according to the instructions. I copy and pasted the code into the HTML tab of a page on my website.

Before I even hit save and update, the code changes itself from:

<!-- BEGIN Podio web form -->

<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
<a href="" target="_blank">Please fill out the form</a>
<div class="podio-webform-container">
The simplest way to <a href="" class="podio-webform-inner" rel="nofollow">manage projects</a> out there
<!-- END Podio web form -->"


to this:

" _podioWebForm.render("1525621") Please fill out the form The simplest way to manage projects out there"

and this is how it shows up on my website. 

Elizabeth Kazeva

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Thank you Kareem...I was having same issue and your solution helped me resolve it. 

Sandy Suschana 1 vote