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charged incorrectly - need refund and correction to plan

I'm a one man band and signed up for the free podio.  But, for an incorrect reason was just charged $18?!?  I put in a ticket but the response I got back was not anywhere near helpful. 

I am not signed up for an $18/month plan and feel scammed.  Will someone please help me?!  

thank you


Michael Gonzalez

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Hi Michael,

A member of the Podio support team has provided you with an update in regards to your billing request. In result, we'll continue assisting and help you resolve the issue from there.

//Brenton - Podio

Brenton 0 votes

Only a salesperson or Podio support can aid you with this. 

It would help if you shared what support said back to you so at least maybe one of us could clarify the response.

At a guess you are signed up for the $9 per month Basic plan but I am also guessing you used a gmail, yeahoo or other public email address to sign up your account. I would also guess that you have one external user other than yourself in the workspace which would get charged $9 per month as well. 

It is also possible you signed up with a public email and then switched to a domain email (i.e. however in order for a Podio account to recognize that domain (hence charging for you as but not the extra user (let say you would need support to register that domain for you to your account). 

Also for what it is worth the extra user might be any workspace attached to your account. Try looking in user management via your organization tool as shown below. 


Joel Ordesky 0 votes

Hello Michael,

My suggestion is to open a Podio support ticket, it would be the best way to go from here.



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