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Sharing Views Instead of Items?

We would really like to allow a client to access a bunch of items across a couple of different apps. However we use those apps for other clients as well and cannot share that information, so adding them to the workspaces as members doesn't work.

And since eventually the number of items we will want to share will far exceed 100-200, just sharing individual items and giving no structure to the client doesn't work either.

The only obvious answer seems to be to make custom workspaces for each client with only their information. But then we will have an obscene number of workspaces for our 100+ clients, and are cloning a whole bunch of apps like 'Projects'. What happens if we want to then make a change to our apps, we have to change each individual one manually.

I noticed in another post from about 4 years ago someone from Podio/Citrix suggested that there was an effort to look at sharing views. Is that still alive? 

Kris Doane

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Hey Kris,

There's a handful of ways you can go about doing this. 

  1. Built in feature of Podio Item sharing, but as you've noted this is pretty cumbersome for the individual who is having those items shared with them.
  2. There is a pretty solid extension called Portal for Podio that will let let you do this:
  3. We also have built out customized workspace installation and sync between them as a completely custom solution. Typically the use case we implement these into is when our clients have 3rd party vendors that need to collaborate on the project, their clients who need access to the project to get updates, department workspaces, or even giving individual sales reps their own workspace so that they only get access to the leads they've been assigned.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at, and we can set up a conference call to do a screenshare.

All the best!

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