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Avatar Video Chat No Longer Works Effective Oct 1st has changed their process and now video chat no longer works intuitively inside Podio. Are there plans to fix this or integrate with them? Any workarounds?

Here is their official Oct 1st announcement:

Jesus Perez

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Hi Jesus,

We have been in contact with and unfortunately they no longer support the API calls we need to make this integration work.

We are looking into replacing the video feature in Podio with another provider in the future. Would be interested to hear if you know another video chat solution that you would like to see us integrate with?

The recommendation currently from is to create an account and room, and then paste the direct link in the meeting subject or the meeting description. You can create a FREE account at, and if you want to upgrade to PRO we have received the coupon code PODIO - this will give you 50% discount for 2 months.

Thanks for letting us know.

Sara - Podio


Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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Thanks for the quick response Sara! We signed up and reserved a room name and we're simply using that room to meet for now.

Maybe Podio can add a feature in the Account settings area where we can paste one room name that is used across all those video chat buttons? Or maybe inside an App or Workspace we can paste that room link?

We use GoToMeeting for more important meetings but is ideal for quick, impromptu meetings.

Google Hangouts are also a possibility granted the hangouts need to launch privately.

Jesus Perez 0 votes

hi Sara, is there any prevision to Podio work together with like real time Trello collaboration ? Thank you.

Marcelo Cecin 0 votes

Hi everyone,

We have fixed the link from inside Podio so the chat video option simply redirect to - in this way it should allow you to sign in to free room - or directly enter the paid rooms you might have.

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes