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can someone tell me whats wrong with my calculation?

First Calculation  "oil pump hourss" is working perfect

second one is not working at all! its the same calculation with different part number.

can someone help me please?

kareem ahmed asfour

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Hello Kareem,

the calculation field can sometimes be very "sensitive", especially on saving it: You think it's saved as a date type calc field, but it has been saved as number type.
Check in the fields settings (little triangle besides the field icon) what kind of type your calculation field is at the moment. If it is number type (indicated by the option to select decimals):
Create a new calc field.
Enter @created on
Save the template - now it's saved as date type
Open the template again, remove @created on and add your code.
Save it. 
Keep in mind: Once saved you can't change the type of a calc field. 


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