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Calculation with text strings

I have 2 apps: "expenses" and "people involved". In the first one I register all types of expenses I could have and in the other I have a catalogue of people who could have payed or are involved in the expenses.


The app expenses have the following fields: 

- Amount (number)

- Payed by (calculation field to "people involved" as text)

- People involved (calculation field to "people involved" as text)

- Amount per person (calculation from amount divided by the number of people involved)


So the problem I have is i'm trying to get the BALANCE in the app "people involved" with a calculation but doesn't know how to do that. How could I use a formula to validate if the "people involved" is himself, then SUM all the "amount per person" MINUS all expenses payed by himself?

Carlos Mariño Hermosillo

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