Removing Calendar Entries When Project Marked As Completed



  • Aaron Jake Biehl

    Hi Daniel,

    You can do this in a few ways:

    1. If you're just using the calendar view in your app, then you can use filters to exclude the "Completed" project
    2. If you are using the global Podio calendar, you can filter down to only see things that are 'Directly involving me (e.g., meetings I'm invited to and tasks assigned to me)' and that way you only see the projects you are assigned to. This will still display your completed projects, but you could use a workflow/globiflow/API integrations to unset the contact field you are using to assign the project to you. That way after completing the project it will drop off your calendar. 
    3. Finally, there's some complicated solutions possible using workflows/globiflows/API integrations. The idea here is that there will be two date fields- one that displays in calendar and one that does not. When the project is completed you use one of the prior options to change which date field is filled.

    If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at, and we can set up a conference call to do a screenshare.

    All the best!

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  • Steven S

    I'm having a similar problem but in the opposite direction.

    Sometimes our projects are not completed by the due date. Once the due date passes, the project remains in the calendar, but disappears from the calendar TILE, which is the view I use the most to plan my day/week. I know I could drag and drop it onto today's date every day that passes, but that gets messy to remember to do manually with multiple projects. 

    I'm relying on my statuses instead to tell me that something is overdue, but it makes my tile calendar view unreliable for past-due deadlines. I also cant even really tell easily from the calendar view what's past-due without carefully analyzing.

    I'd really love an advanced date field that functions more like a task due date and automatically rolls over to today's date if not completed or set to a certain status. That would be amazing and I think would also address Daniel's problem. Just like a task with a due-date, if you finish early it's considered complete and gets taken off the calendar. I might see if it's possible using some of Aaron's solutions offered (thanks Aaron!) but right now I'm not on a version that has advanced workflows or Globiflow, so it will be tricky. Trying to move my company to Podio, but the solution (or lack thereof) to this problem might be a deal-breaker.

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