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Set category field


I have a calculation field where I compare 2 fields using a if else statement. 
if(@Owner Calculation === @Prop Calculation){ 

Can I get the calculation results to select a category filed?

ex. category is same "select same button" or different "select different button" in the same app?

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No you cannot use a calculation result to set a category on its own. If you have a advanced package of Podio (Plus or Premium)  You can use something like Globiflow to run an action on the current item based upon the value of that field becoming, say 1 or 0 . this would in turn allow you to do the type of action you are requesting.

There is also a feature called advanced workflows but they don't allow you to compare a value before making the change, but if you are clever with you javascript then the calculation field should only change when you want the desired result - fire the workflow to change the category button.

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