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Create a hyperlink in a calculation

Can anyone show me how to convert a webform link into a hyperlink in a calculation field? The hyperlink is added to an SMS using Globiflow but comes out as...

Take our survey here "[title]="+@Unique ID+"&"+"fields[description-2]"+"="+@DESCRIPTION »»».replace(/ /g, '%20')+"&"+"fields[seekar-id]"+"="+@Call Owner+"&"+"fields[customer-id]"+"="+@All of Seekee ID with nulls

I'd like it to be just the words "Take our survey here" as a clickable link.


Chris Edis

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SMS format does not allow for html so you can not do the tags needed to make a "Take our survey here" as a clickable link. You might use a link shortener so it is Click This Link ( to take our survey. 

Joel Ordesky 0 votes

Hi Rainer and Joel, thanks for your guidance here. The bottom line for my situation is, shortening a link is easy but SMS doesn't support the auto fill references in the Podio web form link so it has to be long to work. I will work around it.

By the way, are either of you available to provide your services to help us with some very complex Podio procedures?

Among them are: 

Pulling information e.g. a contact name and other details from App1 into App2 when an inbound email creates a new item in App2. If not, can you recommend a freelancer?


Chris Edis 0 votes