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Calendar: Behavior similar to Card View for Massive Data Amounts

So right now, the calendar just shows the first 2,520 events in an application with "Show in calendar" selected. Even if you filter the data set down to say 260 items, it will only show the XX amount of those 260 items that fall into the "first" chronological items of the 2,520 events. 

This is considered "expected functionality" as of right now using the calendar view of Podio.

My suggestion would be to ask that Calendar view behave similar to the Card view in that if the data view is too much for the calendar to display ALL items in the set, simply return a message saying "Too many events to view in calendar, please filter down to a smaller data set to properly display". This way, when the end user then filters down to just their particular events that apply to them it will return all of their events throughout the month so long as it isn't greater than the 2,520 event limitation they have set.

Seeing as how this functionality is already behaving similarly with another view, my suggestion is to copy something similar with the Calendar.

Use Case:

To put this in perspective we have a client that has close to 10,000 events per month (they are a therapy provider with 7 locations and thousands of sessions per week). They aren't interested in seeing all 10,000 events displayed at once. They aren't even really interested to see 2,000 events for one specific location displayed at a time. The functionality they would like is to be able to filter down to a particular Client or Therapist (relationships fields in the Calendar) and return the weekly or monthly view for that particular Client or Therapist who has ~200 events in the calendar. 

Right now, we have had to scrap together a semi-helpful Table view using calcs that sort of resembles a Calendar, but it has proven to be particularly obnoxious for them and are confused why Podio doesn't behave the way it does above.

Joe Montore

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