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GlobiFlow General Improvements

It’s been a while since we have shared what the GlobiFlow team is up to, so here’s a high-level summary of the general improvements and bug fixes we have been working on lately to improve workflow automation for our customers using Podio Premium

Flow Logs & Error Email - Show Item ID

  • In all flow log panes as well as error emails, GlobiFlow will now show you the triggering item ID. This will help with identifying individual flows and troubleshoot problems with specific Podio items that are triggering around the same time.

Safety limits to protect GlobiFlow from abuse

  • As a result of downtime we experienced early in the year, we identified a vulnerability where mass updates performed in a short period of time would cause heavy load on GlobiFlow, affecting all users. We now have a Podio hook limit of 100,000 hooks per hour to prevent looping flows or mass updates from affecting GlobiFlow. This limit is very liberal to reduce impact to customers but has proved to provide sufficient protection to GlobiFlow. Customers will be notified via email if they reach the hook limit.

Infrastructure scaling & enhancements

  • We’ve increased database capacity and added more servers to meet user demand.
  • Continual optimization across all infrastructure (on-going)

Database maintenance & caching (on-going)

  • We have a project underway to optimize the database and provide caching where possible to take load off the database during peak hours.

Manual flow looping bug

  • Fixed an issue where manually triggered flows could end up in a loop in a specific scenario.

Reduce timeout for Remote Post

  • Many users were negatively affected by a short 5 second timeout on Remote Post - that has been increased to 120 seconds.

Podio API Integration Enhancements

  • We’ve implemented some measures to make GlobiFlow more resilient to Podio API interruptions 

Flow Template disappears bug

  • Fixed an issue where if the original flow is deleted, any templates created from the flows would disappear - they will now stay visible on the Manage Flow Templates page.

ShareFile Folder Refresh bug

  • ShareFile folder list will no longer clear out when a refresh hits an error or reaches timeout.

Date Flow silently fails

  • Fixed an issue where date flows would seemingly stop operating for no reason, and would subsequently prevent other date flows from triggering for that same hour.

Other Improvements:

  • Fixed issue with tokens showing ERROR intermittently
  • Fixed issue with large flows showing no actions in Chrome
  • Performance enhancements to Flows page and Flow Edit page
  • Fixed issue with invalid options appearing on Chart flows
  • Fixed issue with Task Completed flows never triggering
  • Webhook URLs now use HTTPS by default

Many more bug fixes and improvements were made in the background, and many more to come.

// Sara & Dylan - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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