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  • Kelley Markoff

    Hi Eric!

    Great ideas here! In order to give someone a link to update their data, they'd first need access to the item they just created/filled out (via webform, or directly in Podio). You can @mention them or if you're on Podio Premium, you can use Globiflow to accomplish this: http://www.globiflow.com/help/action-share-a-podio-item.php

    I hope that helps :)


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  • Eric Heide

    Dear Kelley, 


    Thank you very much for this information. Is there also a possibility that people without a Podio-account can change their data in their form after submitting the it? 

    We are a NGO and through we keep tracks of our volunteers through the forms but not all of them have a Podio-account so it would be awesome if they could change their data without logging in.


    With best regards,



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  • Willem Dewulf

    Hi Eric,

    This is possible with our Dynamic Forms for Podio (link).

    This blog post explains you how to solve your problem: https://momentumtools.io/hc/blog-podio-forms-globiflow 

    Good luck! :) 

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