Coloured fields in Podio Apps



  • Kelley Markoff

    Hi Daniel,

    I love how this looks - what a great idea! I'll submit a feature request for you on this. I can't promise anything but it's a step towards seeing what we can do to add this as an option :) 

    /Kelley - Podio

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  • Gus H.


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  • Steven S

    To push the idea even further (and I believe this has been suggested by others in the forums as well) but "sections" within a single app to organize lots of content would be a dream. Like Daniel, the large number of fields in our app items make it hard to view. Further, we even have to create multiple similar apps just to give some separation to all of the information and make it easy to view/edit.

    An example is that we have 5 separate apps for our different deliverable types (product, packaging, print collateral, web, and video content) just to make the information easier to manage. Some fields are common between all the deliverable types (e.g. due date, assignee, project leader, etc, but some fields are very specific to the type of deliverable. We could put it all in one app but that would be insanely hard read and have hundreds of app fields. 

    I think if we could just organize the app item content into sections, it would solve the problem. There's no need for everyone to see 20 app item fields specific to a video project if someone is setting up/viewing a packaging project.  Right now we have to sacrifice several critical things (like reporting) with the multi-app setup just to make the information easier to manage. We need it all going into the same app, but it's just too much information to easily manage with the current setup. Sections (or "tabs" like a spreadsheet) would be such an easy way to allow organization of lots of content in one app and would solve the same problem that the "colored fields" solution is trying to address, but in a different, possibly more convenient way. How about color coded sections / tabs :-D

    Thanks for considering!

    Edit: I should add that I'm aware of the "hidden if empty" option, which helps, but doesn't fully address the organizational needs--especially upon initial creation of an app item.

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