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Calculations behaviour

To help troubleshoot and ensure your calculations run smooth - here is some important specifics of the calculations engine:

  1. Podio calculations engine calculates each calculation field independently and each particular field is not aware of other calculations that might happen same time
  2. Calculations might happen same time. Podio API have multiple workers (machines) and they may execute calculations for different fields on same item at same time.
  3. Calculations might also happen one after another. All tasks for re-calculations are being added to queue. And if there is high load then it may take some time between different re-calculations.
  4. Podio calculations engine does not guarantee order of execution. Example: if field2 depends on field1 and field3 depends on field1, and field1 is updated, then Podio does not guarantee which field will be calculated first, field2 or field3. But, it guarantees that both field2 and field3 will be re-calculated.
  5. Podio calculations engine doesn't re-calculate already calculated field to prevent infinite loops. Example: field1 => field2 => field3 => field4 => field2 dependency won't update field2 second time because it was already updated inside same dependency chain.

//Podio Team

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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Hey Sara, thanks for the advice.

How can I transfer the result of a calculation to another item?

I tried by creating a workflow and after that by establishing a new calculation in the other item. Both didn't work out. 

Please help!

Hanno | Admin 0 votes
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Hi Hanno,

what exactly do you want to achieve?
With a flow (Globiflow, not Podio Flow) you can transfer the result into a "normal" field (text, number, date) .
If you want the result in a calculation field in the other item the 2 items must be connected via a relationship field directly (or indirectly via a third item to which both other items are connected directly).


Rainer Grabowski 1 vote
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