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  • Hanno | Admin

    Hey Sara, thanks for the advice.

    How can I transfer the result of a calculation to another item?

    I tried by creating a workflow and after that by establishing a new calculation in the other item. Both didn't work out. 

    Please help!

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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Hanno,

    what exactly do you want to achieve?
    With a flow (Globiflow, not Podio Flow) you can transfer the result into a "normal" field (text, number, date) .
    If you want the result in a calculation field in the other item the 2 items must be connected via a relationship field directly (or indirectly via a third item to which both other items are connected directly).


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  • Martin Stone

    Hi, very new here.  But am having a similar issue with wanting a field, where I have established a relationship (Via it's address), to be populated from the the same location.  I want to have the figures there so that I do not have to keep typing in each time.

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