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  • Hanno | Admin

    Hey Sara, thanks for the advice.

    How can I transfer the result of a calculation to another item?

    I tried by creating a workflow and after that by establishing a new calculation in the other item. Both didn't work out. 

    Please help!

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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Hanno,

    what exactly do you want to achieve?
    With a flow (Globiflow, not Podio Flow) you can transfer the result into a "normal" field (text, number, date) .
    If you want the result in a calculation field in the other item the 2 items must be connected via a relationship field directly (or indirectly via a third item to which both other items are connected directly).


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  • Martin Stone

    Hi, very new here.  But am having a similar issue with wanting a field, where I have established a relationship (Via it's address), to be populated from the the same location.  I want to have the figures there so that I do not have to keep typing in each time.

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  • Jasper Duizendstra

    Hi, my use case is primarely trough the API. I have an item with calculated fields that fetch info from other items. Trough trail and error I found that the calculated items are not available right after creating the item suing the API. 

    I did not find any way of forcing a caclulation for a single item.

    If I use calculated fields, I do need to know if/when they are available. I was hoping that the create webhook is synchronised with the calculation, meaning that only after the calculation the hook is fired.

    My question: is there any way to force a calculation of an item, get notified/check if the calulation is done? 

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Jasper, currently no way to force the calculation other than manually refreshing the calculated field inside the field template (adding an updating and saving) or triggering an update to the calculated field using the workflow automation engine (basic or advanced workflow automation) - however we are currently not offering a reliable way to notify you from the async background tasks completion. You can better "force" calculations using the PHP calculations in the advanced workflow solution on Premium plan if you have this available We are looking into improving reliability and speed of the calculations going forward but does not have an ETA. 

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  • Fritz Feger

    You don't need GlobiFlow to systematically refresh calc fields.

    Bold hack:

    1. create a "parent" app with only one item in it, featuring a number field which you call `refresh_calc` or something like that.
    2. among you apps in that workspace, select one which items are obligatory to reference from as many other apps as possible - e.g. if you have a "Years" app, each "Month" will need to reference a year, each "Ticket" will need to reference a month and so on
    3. put `@refresh_calc` in every calculation in the "Years" app you are afraid won't update, and create a calc field called `refresh_calc` which only replicates the `refresh_calc` value from the parent app
    4. put `@refresh_calc` in every calculation in the "Montsh" app you are afraid won't update , and create a calc field called `refresh_calc` which only replicates the `refresh_calc` value from the "Years" app -- and so on, you get the idea, until you have `refresh_calc` in each and every calc field which is suspicious with respect to non-updating.
    5. input an arbitrary number, e.g. 1, in you number field in the single item in the parent app. Wait a couple of minutes. Delete that number. All fields will have updatet twice then.

    However, it's a shame that this is necessary. Fields not updating is a known bug since forever. Podio, find a solution!

    Maybe it will give you a motivational kick when you realize that my workaround might produce massive numbers of calculations eating up expensive resources on your server you will not be able to bill to the customer (no limits for that, right?).

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