GlobiFlow - Assign a task after a set of tasks are completed



  • Rainer Grabowski

    It depends a bit on your use case. If these 4 tasks are the only tasks attached to that item you can add hidden number field to the app. Then have a flow "When task completed" - Update number field = Calc [Number field] + 1. And a second flow: "When item is updated", Filter. number field changed  AND number field equal to 4 - Assign new task. 

    If there can be other tasks attached you can try this solution:


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  • Bajarang

    Hi Billy,

    You can create a flow on Task complete. In that flow get all Tasks and then iterate over those to see if any task is open with the same title. If you do not find any open task with the same title that means all the tasks with the same title are completed and you can create next task.

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  • Billy Lim

    I tried the screenshot that Rainer provided and it worked as intended. Thank you so much!

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