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  • Bill Carovano

    I do something like this today.

    I use Podio to create and send invoices via email, and in the email I include a link to my page with a preset invoice amount that is populated into the payment field.  Then I use Globiflow webhooks that are connected with my PayPal business account to notify me when payment comes in (which I can then apply to that client either manually or automatically).

    I am not as familiar with Stripe (have only used it to get cc details via RightSignature docs created by Podio/Globiflow) but I imagine that you can do something similar with it.

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  • William Masson

    Thanks for the comment Bill.

    It's still an awkward work around and may not work with Stripe. It would be expected at this stage in the market that a simple payment and invoicing app was included that could easily be tagged on to Podio and then the user adds their Paypal or Stripe merchant details to accept the payment behind the scenes.

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  • David Filipi

    A way to easily collect payments would help a lot. I would love to create an invoice in PayPal using some of the items from Podio. But it seems the Zapier Podio->PayPal integration is not covering this.

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