Healthcare Applications of Podio and Use Cases



  • Darshan Swamy

    Hi Andrew,

    Podio - Citrix Online is not an entity that is mandatorily obligated to comply with HIPAA. Unfortunately we do not negotiate BAAs to guarantee HIPAA compliance, but you can review our security practices here:


    Thank you,


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  • Rebecca Robertson

    So I just got a new sales job and have almost no experience. I am tasked with finding a good CRM program for our startup. I would really appreciate any help you guys can provide.

    We are a very new, small startup that will be selling ads to businesses, to be featured on our website (think Yelp, but different).

    The software has just a few requirements:

    1. keep notes on phone calls/sales presentations and what type of contact it was

    2. tracks all calls and who made them and when

    3. set reminders for follow-up contact

    4. remind clients about billing

    5. not cost very much

    I really do appreciate any feedback at all. Thanks in advance!

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  • Dana P

    Hi Rebecca Robertson

    Thank you for your inquiry here and my apologies for the delay in the response.

    You can find out more about our pricing here-  Pricing - Citrix Podio

    Also, you can use the free version to check out those features you mentioned. Our guide to the free plan can be found here - Free version features – Podio Help Centre

    All the best,

    Dana - Podio

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