Pulling data from an app in another app (data email)



  • Joel Ordesky

    Email and phone fields are object arrays. 

    at the very least you need to

    @all of email.map(function (obj) { return obj.value})


    var b="";
    var email = @All of email;

    I use the code below to grab multiple emails and get a return of email email email

    for(i=0; i<email.map(function (obj) { return obj.value}).length;i++) {

    if (email.map(function (obj) { return obj.value})[i] != null)

    var b = b +" "+email.map(function (obj) { return obj.value})[i]

    b + " ";

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  • Roxane Condé

    Thank you very much Joel !

    Your code works ! (I just had to change the field's name "E-mail" to "Email" in Contact app otherwise it did'nt work)

    By chance, do you know the code for category data (unique choice and multiple choice) ?

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