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  • Dana P


    My apologies that this is happening! 

    So, from your description, it would appear that entries returned from the search are not providing enough information to determine who is the actual person?

    You may want to try and add some tags to your items. The search field is robust and you should be able to search for a unique tag for those items. Our guide to using them can be found here -

    Let us know if this solves this problem for you.


    Dana - Podio

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  • Washington Mett

    A searchable activity is the Activity in your application that performs searches based on a query string and presents the search results.

    When the user executes a search in the search dialog or widget, the system starts your searchable activity and delivers it the search query in an Intent with the ACTION_SEARCH action. Your searchable activity retrieves the query from the intent's QUERY extra, then searches your data and presents the results.

    Because you may include the search dialog or widget in any other activity in your application, the system must know which activity is your searchable activity, so it can properly deliver the search query. So, you must first declare your searchable activity in the Android manifest file.



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