Filter view based on fields not being null



  • Bill Carovano

    Susan Warren - your solution sounds like a good one generally, using a calculation field that is set to 1 or 0 and then can be used for views.

    You should be able to set a variable to @all of [related app field] with nulls and then loop through each related item's field values to conditionally set your calc field to 1 or 0 (which will in turn update your view that uses that calc field)

    Here's an example of a for loop on a related item with conditional logic:


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  • Nicholas Mett

    Tableau needs to assign a value to everything whether it's a value you give it or null. The only way to not display something is with a filter.

    Having said that, it might be worth looking into sets, you could convert these into conditional sets based on player name. Sets usually add themselves to filter anyway since you need to exclude members not in the set to show the members in the set, but it might give you some more options. Would be helpful to be able to see exactly what you're trying to achieve though.

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