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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Adriana and Carlos,

    We have UX and UI enhancements in the works behind the scenes. Looking forward to be able to share the improvements later this year for all users. Until then, we have a Beta program available for a subset of customers to help us give feedback behind the scenes before we announce the changes to the broader customerbase.

    Let us know via if you would like to join the beta program - it requires to sign a NDA with Citrix here:

    //Sara - Citrix

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  • Lisa von Sturmer

    Users keep asking... but podio never really responds.  They'll ask you to sign the Citrix NDA so you can see the beta program... but there's very little ever shared in terms of planned changes or upgrades.

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  • Carlos Cortés

    I have asked this question because I see that the other platforms improve their graphical interface a lot, but in Podio we are left with a very basic and old interface.

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