GDPR and the Podio log


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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for sharing. We do offer the option to anonymize Podio user profile information following this guide: - this gives you the option to completely delete user information so you are not able to see who did what. It is up to the business owner to decide what to keep vs. delete and therefore decide what information is business critical to keep around.

    In order to completely delete item data, we recommend deleting the full item rather than the single fields or item activity. We might consider adding support for deleting this using the API in the future but no current plans. So the recommendation from us at this point is deleting the entire item. Perhaps use a workflow to create new item with information you want to keep - and delete the historic item with information in logs. Changing log information has it own complexity as we also need to keep data integrity in place.

    Thanks for the feedback and input.

    /Sara - Podio

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