Freezing the header and the first column in a table view




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    Sumedha Panwar

    Hi Podio Users,

    This functionality is now available with the new Table Layout (available under the switch layout option).

    Other features:

    • Faster, More Performant Table Layout
    • Ability to Re-Order Columns from Table Layout
    • Ability to Pin Columns to the Left Side
    • Seamless Column Width Adjustment

    Read more here


    Sumedha, Team Podio

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  • Karey Kumli

    Good point, we did indeed switch from spreadsheets. I often find it more efficient to export the data if I want to make many changes in Podio. Sometimes I uncheck the fields that aren't needed in my search, and sort by column headings in hopes that will speed up the search for the data I need.

    At the very least, clicking to the right could bring up the next set of fields rather than individual fields, and shrinking a field's width (in order to see more fields at a time) shouls not return one to the leftmost field to peck away at the right arrow.

    We save a number of filters as a partial workaround.

    All this extends the time to reach outcomes...

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