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  • Admin

    Is there anyone from podio that can answer this? i sent also an email to their support team and opened a case but didn't receive any response. 

    If we are subscribing yearly we will need to do it before the end of 2020.



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  • Kevin Kevin

     billing plan is a schedule of individual billing dates for a single item in a sales document. You can define a billing plan at header level, which is then valid for all items assigned to it.  Milestone billing means distributing the total amount to be billed over multiple billing dates in the billing plan.




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  • Darshan Swamy

    Hi ARD Podio Admin,

    Greeting's for the day!

    I apologize for the delayed response, However the fixed plan allows to you have the number you choose and if you cross beyond the said number(fixed plan) that is when you will be charged extra!

    Please provide an email through which we can discuss further:)

    Please have this link for your reference to submit a case in the future:-


    Thank you

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  • junejax
    You charge a fixed, flat fee for a specific service – you always charge the same for this service, regardless of the number of hours you put ...
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  • Jameson434

    Make sure your payment method is valid. The most common billing problem is not having a valid primary payment method for automatic payments. Chek Here

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  • Brian Nicholas

    Hi Reuven,

    Thank you for reaching out. With the fixed plan, you won't be refunded for fewer users, but you can replace users throughout the year. If you need to add more users, you can upgrade to a higher plan. Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Best Regards!


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